Gearing Up for a Spectacular 2015 Summer

Exploring the DunesHello everyone and welcome to the new Canoe the Coorong website!

If you are interested in things to do in one of South Australia’s most picturesque kayaking locations, then look no further! The weather is starting to warm up and preparations for the coming Summer are near completion. We will be re-commencing tours on the 1st of September. You can book your tour by clicking any of the Book Now buttons.

One of our first tours of the season is for a group of dyslexic students from the Barossa. This is a very special group for me as I am also dyslexic and I struggled through school and university as a result. This struggle led me to start Canoe the Coorong, working to my strengths, because I love the outdoors and interacting with people. I also struggled with the reading and writing aspect of many office jobs, whereas the active aspect to Canoe the Coorong is one of my greatest strengths.

When I started out, many people doubted I could create a successful eco-tourism business but 5 years later Canoe the Coorong is thriving and I am hoping to inspire the next generation of students to follow their dreams. I want them to know that their dyslexia does not have to hold them back, in fact it can be a gift of seeing the world in a slightly different manner.

Canoe the Coorong offers tours, gift cards, group booking, school groups from yr 6-12, school camps, sunset tours. If you have a group of friends or colleagues we can custom make your perfect kayaking experience. If you have any questions about any of the products we offer please call Brenton on 0424826008 or email

Hope to see you on the water soon!

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