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Canoe the Coorong showcases one of South Australia’s best-kept secrets.

Located just 85 km south of Adelaide is the internationally recognised Coorong Wetlands.

Stretching more than 140 kilometres, the Coorong National Park protects a string of spectacular saltwater lagoons which are sheltered from the Southern Ocean by the sweeping, rolling sand dunes of the Young Husband Peninsula.

The best way to explore these waterways is by kayak.

Kayaking is the most enjoyable and sustainable way to see the Coorong, allowing an intimate experience with the wildlife of the Coorong without impacting the natural ecology.

Coorong walk in the sand dunes
Seal spotting in winter - Canoe the Coorong
Tour Mini 4 | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong
Walking the Coorong dunes
Coorong Pelican

Something for Everyone

Did you want to do a sunset tour? go on a Coorong tour? stay overnight? go bird watching? go on an extended expedition?

Canoe The Coorong Bird Watching tour
Coorong Sunset Tour
Canoe The Coorong coorong tour pelican and kayaks | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong

Canoe the Coorong offers tours for people of all ages and skill levels. Popular tours include a three-hour Coorong Sunset Tour of the Murray Mouth, a half-day Winter Kayaking Tour, a full day all-inclusive Coorong TourOvernight Camps and, for real adventurers, a Four-Day Expedition covering almost 100km.

The Coorong Tour is a comprehensive experience, offering participants an all-inclusive relaxing day on the water exploring the Coorong and Murray River Mouth region.

The tour cruises along at a pace that allows guests to take in the natural wonders and wildlife that the Coorong has to offer. Included in this adventure is a ‘bush tucker’ walk through the sand dunes, cockle (pipi) catching and cooking lessons.

Explore sand dunes Canoe the Coorong
Coorong wildlife rednecked stint
Canoe the Coorong relaxing waters kayak paddle

If you have a few people that are like-minded then you can book out Canoe The Coorong for the day and a whole range of exclusive tailor-made tours can be arranged, from bird watching tours (including the pelican breeding islands), corporate team building activities, as well as activities for school groups. Kayak hire is also available. All meals and equipment are supplied.


Drifter 2 Family Double e1673828283649 | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong
Touring Double 1 e1673828335414 | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong

Looking for kayak hire in Victor Harbor and Goolwa?

We have you covered with a wide range of hire that can be used anywhere in South Australia.

These touring kayaks are very stable, extremely easy to operate, and difficult to tip or capsize.
They are perfect for traveling over-night or full days

The most stable kayaks around, ideal for family exploring around the back waters of Goolwa.

Includes all safety equipment and dry bags to keep your equipment dry.

Sit-on-top kayaks are great fun for the whole family. They are perfect for exploring short distances and very stable.

If in all the excitement you do fall into the water you can just pull yourself up and keep going.

We offer free delivery within 15km of Goolwa, including Mundoo Channel Drive on Hindmarsh Island.

School Groups

school based kayaking activities from 2hr introduction to kayaking skills for younger students ( yr 5 and older) to 4 day expedition based education for yr 10-12s. Our programs are tailored to your schools requirements and can cater for small groups of just 4 participants to large classes up to 45 participants. Find out more

School environmentally friendly class room experiences kayaking Coorong
Coorong wildlife rednecked stint
Coorong walk in the sand dunes
Canoe the Coorong sunset tour
Coorong wildlife shingleback lizard

Quality and Experience

Canoe the Coorong is a true Eco tourism operation with the guide Brenton Carle, a Flinders University Eco Tourism graduate, with years of experience in the Coorong. We also pride ourselves on our conservation efforts to keep the Coorong pristine for future generations to be able to enjoy this unique and precious resource.

We are a Tourism Australia Accredited Business, offering an authentic experience of nature based eco-friendly kayak tours, with the T-QUAL tick of approval.

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Canoe the Coorong-Guide Brenton Carle