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Guided Tours - School Groups

Canoe the Coorong is an experienced outdoor education provided with years of experience in this field, established in 2010.

We aim to delivering the highest quality education while having a sustainable and environmentally aware focus on all activities. All our staff are highly qualified with all the necessary certificates, qualifications and training needed to make your schools activities safe and educational. These include kayaking qualifications, police checks, first aid, mandatory reporting and many others.

Canoe The Coorong - School Students

Canoe the Coorong can cater for any school based kayaking activity from 2hr introduction to kayaking skills for younger students ( yr 5 and older) to 5 day expedition based education for yr 10-12s. Our programs are tailored to your schools requirements and can cater for small groups of just 4 participants to large classes up to 45 participants

Canoe the Coorong School junior | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong
Canoe the Coorong Schools Educational Paddles

Primary school kayaking sessions
(splash and giggle)

South Australian Home-schoolers celebrated learning in nature with Canoe the Coorong at Happy Valley Reservoir. 
The kayak guides helped make the day a success with their relaxed yet professional manner. Although water safety was their priority, the Home-schoolers came away from the event having had a tonne of fun and were truly engaged.

Thanks Canoe the Coorong team.

By Connie Woolston (Event Organiser)

seagull canoe the Coorong

Canoe the Coorong offers fun safe kayaking experience for younger students. We operate these sessions in safe sheltered locations with qualifies kayaking instructors who will make the students fist kayaking activity an enjoyable experience. These sessions are all about fun and safety on the water.

Professional Kayak Guides

Introduction to Kayaking Skills

Fun and Safe School Activities

Students Paddling | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong

Middle school (basic skills)

Coorong Pelicans
Coorong Pelican
seagull canoe the Coorong

MIddle School Basic Skills programs

As students get older we offer more advances paddling techniques with games and activities to advance their kayaking skills and knowledge. These sessions range from 3hrs to a full day. We have many locations to take your students so we can find a convenient option. We operate in the SA Reservoirs (Myponga, Happy Valley, and Warren) as well as rivers and lakes in Victor Harbour. The Murray River at Murray Bridge, Wellington, Goolwa, Mannum, the Onkaparinga River, the Coorong and many more locations.

Tailored to school curriculum

Education facilities

High Schools | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong

Senior school. (Skills and expeditions)

Coorong wildlife rednecked stint

Secondary School Student Kayaking programs

Canoe the Coorong can facilitate or support your outdoor education program by delivering the skills needed for students to excel in the outdoors. We can offer short skill sessions right the way through to 5 day expeditions or longer. We operate all throughout SA with programs along the Coorong, Murray River, South Australian Reservoirs and local rivers.

We can also offer tourism students an insight into eco tourism with a paddle and lectures in Goolwa Lecture Theatre.
Geography students the chance to see the unique hydrology of the Coorong, Barrage and Murray Mouth.

If you have a group of students who would benefit from an “out the classroom experience” please contact us to see how we can tailor an experience to your curriculum.

Tailored to school curriculum

Education facilities

Fun and Safe overnight camping

School camps and kayak tours

Brenton Carle

Canoe The Coorong

For further information on school programs Canoe The Coorong provide contact Brenton Carle

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