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Coorong Bird Watching Tour

Join a Canoe The Coorong kayak tour in the Bird Watches paradise.

The Coorong in internationally renowned for its bird watching, with many unique and rare birds visiting the Coorong each year.

Coorong provides invaluable habitat for birds that have travelled from as far as Siberia to feed and bring up young.

The best way to see these gorgeous birds is by kayak. Kayaking allows participants to get closer to the birds without having an impact on their natural behavior. Kayaks also allow participants to go into wetlands which boats could never access.

This is a unique tour in which you can depart from any area of the Coorong, from Salt Creek to the barrages, and anywhere in-between, so that you can kayak around the best bird-watching environments.

It is possible to see a rare Fairy Tern, along with other more common bird species. Stilts, Sandpipers, and Australian Wood Ducks

Other endangered species found in the Coorong other than the migratory birds are the Southern Bell Frog, Murray Hardyhead Fish, Metallic Sun-Orchid, and the Heath Goanna.

Coorong bird watching tour with Canoe The Coorong