Coorong kayaking adventures


Coorong Pelican

Guided Tours


Get to know your work colleagues better by working with one another in a friendly safe environment in the natural beauty of the Coorong.

Your team can be divided into single or double kayaks, where coordination and communication are essential.

There will be individual and team activities on the water, as well as team building exercises on the beach on the ocean side of the Coorong.

The day is fully catered to your groups needs. Corporate team building days can be tailored for different team building approaches.

Call Canoe The Coorong to negotiate your day on 0424 826 008.

Team Gather | Explore the beautiful South Australian Coorong by kayak with Canoe the Coorong

Price per person will vary depending on group size and catering needs.

PriceFrom $45 pp to $140 pp.